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'O Grupo Fraterno Seara do Bem é uma organização 501 (c) (3) sem fins lucrativos, mantida inteiramente por voluntários, que ajuda a comunidade em múltiplos aspectos,  incluindo um Centro Espirita com com suas respeitáveis atividades e também para a população geral em setores comunitários promovendo a caridade e ajuda humanitária. Oferecemos apoio psicológico e espiritual a todos os que nos procuram precisando de ajuda.     Também oferecemos gratuitamente classes de artes, costura, pintura, musicas, meditação , aulas de yoga & pilates , aulas de Inglês, aconselhamento em nutrição e bem-estar, atendimento fraterno, sopão comunitário, programa de bazar com roupas para os necessitados, e palestras inspiradoras e   motivacionais. A vasta maioria de nossas atividades são gratuitas ou por custos simbólicos.

 'Good Harvest Fraternal Group is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, all volunteer based, that helps the community in a multi-facet aspect, including a Spiritist Center with its respective faith based activities and a general community outreach sector promoting charity and humanitarian actions. We offer psychological and emotional support to all who come in need of help.  We also offer free arts and crafts classes, sewing, painting, cooking, music, fraternal support groups, meditation, yoga & pilates classes, ESL classes, nutrition and wellness counseling, soup kitchen, clothing for the poor bazar, and  inspiring and motivational lectures. Most of our activities are free or are offered for a small nominal fee' 

Inner Healing Workshops

Depression and Anxiety can make us feel isolated, especially when there is a language barrier to find qualified professionals. That is why our support meetings are conducted simultaneously in 3 languages.  At Good Harvest Fraternal Group, we seek to address the immediate psychological and emotional needs of the members of our community.  We understand that at times of crises, one cannot wait.  Our Inner healing workshop is a permanent and free activity that includes peer-to-peer discussion and interaction. Meetings are held weekly. Participants are encouraged to share concerns, successes, and coping strategies. Many who come are victims of some form of abuse and/or are experiencing high levels of emotional distress.  More than 75% of doctor visits are related to stress. Many are filled with fearfulness and uncertainty, so interaction with others makes them feel that they are not alone. Our holistic practitioners are available to help those undergoing the need for psychological and emotional support.
Whereas not meant to replace traditional therapy, this support group usually comprises of 40 to 50 attendants at any given time and can be an addition to professional therapy.   Our goal is to enable learning and sharing of experiences and we offer a way to make those people connections.  

Combating Discrimination in the Minority and Latino Community

We understand how discrimination based on age, class, gender, and disability can have multiple impacts on disadvantaged minorities, and our study groups, lectures, and support groups target education to eradicate such attitudes. Newark, NJ is a dynamic mixed population, with a large number of immigrants, specifically from Portugal, and Brazil.  We believe that integration programs in language, arts, education, and employment opportunities should all be part of what we do. 

Some of the aspects offered by our Fraternity:
I - contribution to the promotion of citizenship and the inclusion of the Latino and minority population through the articulation with the various social projects, education, and hands-on classes to enable work preparedness; this includes ESL classes, the arts, cultural integration, CPR classes, Home Buying program education, nutrition workshops, immigration law seminars, and a vast amount of periodic educational lectures. 
II - elimination of homophobias and other forms of discrimination that generate violence against the LGBT population within the community, this by offering lectures, activities, and especially inclusion of all in our groups and activities,  contributing to changes in society in general;
III - implementation of actions, services and referrals to public support firm, local legal advisors, and helping all who suffer from discrimination based on age, sex, race, and ethnicity and strengthening the representation of the organized social movement of the Latino, minority population in health councils, conferences and other instances of social participation.  

Urgent Basic Needs Helping Hands Program

We as a group of volunteers, believe in the urgency to help with emergency food and relief during disasters.  Many immigrants arrive in our community with nothing more than the clothes on their bodies.  Our fraternity has united with local biker friends to provide over 200 winter coats every winter, and we commit to provide in-home distribution of food and clothing, as well as toys to families in need. We have a gently-worn clothing shop based on donations, that provide for all clothes as needed, we have a small pantry ready to help those who come in need of food.  We also have a functional kitchen in which food is offered free of charge to all who cannot afford a warm meal.  This is offered once or twice a week, based on the availability of meals, and volunteers’ availabilities.  
It’s not just about us!  We believe that relief should be provided to all around the globe and Good Harvest has been able to provide relief to Countries such as Haiti, Brazil, Portugal, Many countries in Africa, including funds for the building of homes, donations of clothing, etc.  Also, Cape Verde, Madagascar, and Chile.
We must unite as the human race to help those who have nothing.  We have been available to those who lose all their belongings in fires, floods, and other disasters.  

Commitment To Freedom Of Supplemental Healing Therapies And  Social Participation

Our Fraternity is committed to the promotion of equal opportunity and will and combat all forms of discrimination and religious intolerance in the Communities giving full access to all forms of alternative approaches of inclusions.  This includes also the availability of supplemental healing and therapeutic modalities such as Ayurveda medicine, music therapy, reiki, meditation, yoga, access bars therapy, energy healing, touch healing therapy, prayer, and imposition of hands, spiritual surgeries, life coaching, social programs that promote, discuss and encourage the preservation of supplemental programs to and assist the community in their quest to inclusion. 
A person could use these practices and therapies offered at our organization besides conventional medicine. Thus, we see these holistic healing practices as complementary to conventional care and a key part of integrative healthcare.
Every person is different, so there is no specific formula for holistic healing. Frequently, several treatments, such as nutritional therapy, exercise, and counseling, must be used together to result in recovery.

Spirit Involvement

All the activities provided based on spirituality are always optional and free of charge.  No church affiliation is required.  We strongly believe that any religious, or faith-based activity should be optional, but should also be available to those who find spirituality to be essential in their inner-growth.
Little attention has been paid to positive emotions and personal strengths such as happiness, hopefulness, love, and peace. A good sense of spirituality promotes self- esteem, improves motivation, and helps people come to terms with powerful inner experiences. Medical studies indicate that spiritual people exhibit fewer self-destructive behaviors such as drugs, alcohol use, gambling, and risk-taking behavior

Promoting Mental Health In Spirituality:

Spirituality is different from religion, but it is often confused with the same since there is no one definition for spirituality everyone can experience it and spirituality help find meaning and purpose in the things valued. We receive visits from various religious representatives who seek to enrich one’s knowledge and choice in their path.  Good Harvest has a sector devoted to the study of the Spiritist Philosophy.  This philosophy entails the study of the teachings brought about by the French teacher Allan Kardec.  It is known as Spiritism.  Anyone may choose to study various books or listen to the lectures offered.
It is indispensable to offer our community the means to attend or participate in the less offered philosophical studies.  Spiritism is not a religion in the common and dominant meaning of the word religion which carries the idea of priestly hierarchy, ceremonies, privileges and strict dogmas. Spiritism has none of these characteristics. However, is a religion only in the philosophical sense, the word religion means a bond. Thus, a religion in its broad and true sense is a link that reunites men in a communion of feelings, principles and beliefs.
“If so, you shall ask, then Spiritism is a religion? Why, undoubtedly yes, gentlemen; in the philosophical sense, Spiritism is a religion, and for that, we glorify ourselves  because it is the doctrine that establishes the bonds of fraternity and communion of thoughts, not on a simple convention but on the most solid foundations: the very laws of Nature.”  Allan Kardec
The bond created by religion, whatever its objective, is one of a moral essence that brings hearts together. One does not become a member of our Spiritist Center by paying dues but in practicing compassion and charity as charity is the soul of Spiritism.

Specific Needs For Maintenance And Creation Of Future Projects (Partnership/Sponsorship)

– Space - Our current space now is a 1200sf rented facility on the third floor of an aging building.  We have serious problems in accommodating all who come in seek of help and unfortunately have to turn many away especially during special events.  We need a 3000+ facility to be able to open new programs and accommodate all comfortably and safely.  We need your help with the donation of a facility in the Newark Ironbound session as a permanent way to help our fraternity or with monthly rent.  All in which can be deducted for the fair market value of the property and/or the rental donation.
B – Financial -  Though we are made up of an all-volunteer team, there are some costs that we cannot ignore, such as rent, maintenance, products used in classes, etc.  A lump-sum donation will secure the continuation of all of our services, or if preferred, a monthly fixed donation may also be arranged. Checks could be made to ‘Good Harvest Fraternal Group’ and given that we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductible and serves as an excellent way to give back to your community.
C – Food Supplies & Disposables -  We survive mostly from the sales of food donated by our volunteers; however, it becomes overwhelming and unsustainable for a few to feed a volume of over 100 every week.  We need fixed or sporadically donations of non-perishable goods and ready to serve food for your Saturday kitchens and monthly Sunday dinners, as well as for special events.  We also need pantry food and disposables. We provide food in the capability of what is in our pantry.
– Legal - We require  pro-bono attorneys and accountants to help us with legal counseling, ad financial planning.  Pro-bono would eliminate the need for professional fees.
– Volunteers -  We are always appreciative of those who offer their time and talents in the service of others in the various forms offered.

What You Get For Your Donation

A- The satisfaction of true philanthropy but knowing you and/or organization provided for the less fortunate and helped the minority population in our community and beyond integrate in dignity. We also do our best to publish the donation in the local Latino newspaper as our way of expressing our gratitude and allowing the community to be aware of your generosity and purpose.
B- A Sponsorship acknowledgment placard in our entrance wall, for recognition for your donation, this will include your name and pledge. To make your contribution more visible we are pleased to recognize your company in staff meetings as well as our newsletter highlighting your positive business practices.  
C- A tax-exempt receipt in the amount of donation, the value of the donation (if non-monetary), or the value of the property at fair market price. We are a legal 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose donations are tax exempt.  We urge you to consult with your accountant/attorney to ascertain details of how you should proceed.

Fraternity Accomplishments

It is a practice of our fraternity to keep things simple and humble.  Gloating over our accomplishments is not our intent.  It is, however, a motivator for many to be aware of how 3 became 46 and how thousands have benefited from this amazing team of volunteers and contributors.  Below are a few things our fraternity had the honor of making a positive impact:

I-      We have clothed 4345 people, being low-income, homeless, or people in a time of event crises
II-     We combatted hunger by feeding thousands of people – and continue to do so daily (walk-ins, campaigns, out of Country donations, events)
III-    Conducted over 3000 support groups free of charge (includes cancer survivors, domestic violence survivors, HIV, obesity, emotional, psychological, and abusive relationships support groups). We need funds to incorporate additional support groups with qualified moderators.
IV-    Offered over 4500 informative lectures, classes and workshops free of charge
V-     Offered more than 300 physical fitness, yoga, Pilates, tai-chi classes have been offered
VI-    We have a mean transit of 200 people per week, over 500 in event weekends
VII-   We operate as a bone marrow registration headquarters

IIX-  Other many accomplishments include the financial assistance in building homes in African Countries, Donations of school materials to children in Haiti, donations of clothing to families in Madagascar. Various other crisis resources donated to Countries all over the World 

86 Monroe St. 3rd floor, Newark NJ 07105
Correspondencias/Mailing address: (12 Alexander Ct. South River, NJ 08882)
Telefone/Phone/WhatsApp: 732-608-1574
Email: or

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Um pouquinho sobre nossa ‘Seara do Bem, o Centro Espirita

Talvez um destaque de nossa casa seja que não temos uma diretoria ou hierarquia e todas nossas reuniões são abertas ao publico. Isso não dispensa o cuidado que todos temos para proporcionar uma Casa Espirita séria em quais os ensinamentos se encontram em pleno acordo com a abençoada Doutrina dos Espíritos codificada por Allan Kardec. 

Os trabalhadores de nosso grupo são pessoas capacitadas em suas tarefas que assumem o compromisso de ajudar ao próximo com a máxima seriedade e amor. Temos o proposito de sermos uteis aos nossos irmãos, de colocar a fraternidade, a tolerância e o amor em primeiro lugar, assim combatendo o orgulho e o egoísmo, estudando sempre e divulgando esta doutrina abençoada. Unimos sempre que possível a Psicologia e a Espiritualidade em nossos estudos, sempre caminhando lado a lado (ciência e espiritualidade) como nosso irmão Kardec nos ensinou.

Assim se resume o proposito de nosso grupo desde o primeiro dia em que nos unimos. Pedimos humildemente as orações de todos vocês para que possamos trabalhar sempre em nome de Jesus.

Que Jesus abençoe a todos!
Dezembro 9, 2012

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